1) Plug in Microscope into USB port.  (The led lights turn on.)
2) Run DRC as administrator
3) Select Tools menu, image capture:
Inline image 2
4) Image capture opens with drop-down populated with a list of digital video devices on your computer
Inline image 3
5) Select your microscope:
Inline image 4
6) Camera Tab, tab may turn dark and then display video feed
Inline image 5
7) Click the camera icon and click on the image tab. (this is image capture from the video feed)
Inline image 6
8) To save image, do the following:
Inline image 10 Opens mineral collection form to a specific record.
Inline image 11 – switch over to mineral collection form from image capture form.
Inline image 8 – Saves image to specimen currently displayed in Mineral collection.
Inline image 9 – Saves image as a new specimen entry to mineral collection and then opens mineral collection form.
When an image is saved to a specimen:
Image added as cover image:
Inline image 12
Also added to the images tab for the specimen.
Inline image 13