NEW! DRC version 4.07 update with lots of changes (see site for details). Free update for DRC 4.00 users (In app download).

So, it has been 5 months and 50 code commits since my last DRC release.  I made an incremental improvement to specimen labels (I still have bigger plans to improve it), changes to make social media posting easier, reviewed code for memory leaks (using a process I learned at my day job), and another round of UI changes.

Why did I do this?  I actually use my software to manage my personal collections and I am constantly finding new features I want to add.

My next project is upgrading my web site /presence over the next three months.   I am starting to record short How to videos showing how I use the app.  Stay tuned for more!

BTW, I will trade accept specimen trade for a copy of DRC.  

$50 trade value will get you a full copy of DRC 4.0.