Here is the first update in 7 months! The big new feature is integration with Macrostrat for live geology data. There are a number of small improvements and bug fixes. (See lists below).

If you are unfamiliar with Macrostrat, check out the following urls:


  • Improved MapBuilder
    • Added Regional geology via Macrostrat map active mal level and data via API
    • Improved zoom / select / display data for current view for shapefile layer and Macrostrat layer
    • Added Macrostrat data legend
    • Added Zoom to double-clicked Smallest feature
    • Improved Mine layer Labels
    • Simplified MapBuilder code for data selection on map
    • Allowing Macrastrat and active map layer to be loaded into a map at the same time.
  • Improved DRC About dialog.
  • Improved NSIS installer scripts for Windows 10/11.
  • General UI Improvements
  • Label queue screen improvements
  • Image Viewer improvements
  • Image Slide Show improvements
  • Added CloseOthers button and CloseAll button to main window.
  • Upgraded bootstrap and log4net libraries for security issues.
  • Added ImageType description to image description text in SlideShow.xaml
  • Added web site logo image to main window.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed Null exception error on RemoveImageAction when current object is null
  • DataSearch: Fixed mineral dropdown value sort
  • Fixed Search dialog – added code to prevent double-click on row from opening record when search is hosted in dialog.
  • Sometimes image cannot be marked or unmarked as favorite from imageviewer view
  • Fixed start date issue after first of the year on SlideShow
  • Fixed bug showing all images on SlideShow
  • Improved memory management by adding UserControlUnLoaded() to several viewmodels with observable collections of ImageViewModel
  • Improved code to unload view cleaning up after ImageViewModel dispose.
  • Bug where UserControlUnLoaded() called when switching between views
  • Fixed Bug where Imageviewer can be loaded twice
  • Fixed error loading arranged image source and fixed error when fossil.ProperName is null
  • Fixed List data visibility issue on Datasearch screen.
  • Bug fix: Order images for display by taken descending for MineralCollection
  • Fixed double-click to open FossilReferenceImage

  You can download this update from DRC 4.0 itself. You can also download the update directly from here:  DRC_Update.exe

Note: Full version of DRC 4.0 is required to install this update.