Clermont County, Ohio has always had a little gold in the creeks. Over the years, fortune seekers have dug mines into the local hills searching for the vein of gold that would make them rich. They were wasting their time or should I say “Digging in vain.”
The gold in this area was transporting in on the Illinoian glacier. It is alluvial or “placer” gold. The glacier’s march southward ended here. The creeks will concentrate the gold in low areas or behind rocks in fast moving water.
There is not enough for a man to quit his day job. The real riches are just being in the creek on a beautiful fall day with a blue sky and autumn colors around.
These photos are part of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources “Geofacts No. 9” written in 1985. “Gold In Ohio” cts/geof09.pdf

These photos have a strong local interest and have been in the public domain for some time.