The Digital Rockhound’s Companion 2.0 is a database application that is the compilation of a lifetime’s interest in rock hounding. I designed this application for my personal use and I actively use the application to maintain my mineral collection.

The focus of the application is provide location information for mineral collecting sites and mines and cross-reference against reported mineral occurrences and also against specimens in your mineral collection. Having more specific information about a mineral location adds interest and value to a specimen.

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Databases include:

  • Mining database with over 400,000 locations for North America and the world
  • Mineralogy database with over 3800 species.
  • Geographic Place Names database for the United states
  • Mineral Collection database allowing you to store your personal collection.
  • Search minerals from the Periodic Table.
  • Links to Online Mineral databases like Athena, Mindat, and WebMineral.


  • Add your own mineral occurrences to mining locations.
  • Add online URL links to online mine resources.
  • Add your personal mineral collecting locations.
  • Add Images to mineral specimen data.
  • Find and organize mineral images from the Internet
  • Find and download mine Images from

Manage your Personal Mineral Collection:

  • Mineral collection catalog to organize your collection. Screen
  • Print labels and index report for your mineral specimens.
  • Manage the location where specimens are stored.
  • Catalog your Mineralogical Record and Rock and Mineral Magazine collections.

Digital Mapping:

  • Includes digital street maps for all of the United States circa 1995.
  • Create digital street maps of mine locations.
  • Display mine locations on Google Maps and Terra Server. 

Blog using Blogger:

  • Integrated Blogger publisher.
  • Post your Mineral Collection to Blogger blog
  • Post your favorite mine to your Blogger blog
  • Post your  mine search to your Blogger blog
  • Post your  mineral search to your Blogger blog
  • Post your  place name search to your Blogger blog