Hi Everyone:

  I just released the latest update to Digital Rockhound’s Companion Version 3.0.5

  This update is large in size and features.

When the DRC update is run, it will download .net 4.00 and crystal reports 2011 as needed if these libraries are not found on your computer. On a decent broadband connection you can expect the update to take 20-30 minutes to download install.  The good news is that .net 4.00 and crystal reports update will only be ever installed once.

      Microsoft .net 4.0 Framework
      Crystal Reports 2011.


               Redesigned Data Explorer, Mine Explorer and Map builder
                       Supports online maps from Open Street map, Bing and Google    
               Improved Fossil database
                       Added ability to add fossil images
                       Added Fossil labels
                       Enhanced Fossil support in Collection Manager
               Upgraded to Crystal Reports 2011
               Upgraded Application to use Microsoft .net 4.00 sp1                                    
               Added Support for Office 2003+ Word and Excel
               Stabilized error handling specifically in the following areas:
                       When Starting up application and linking to data
                       In the Map control for Mine Explorer and map builder
                       Code used to manage upgrades

        Bug  Fixes
               Incorrect DRC version number being displayed
               Incorrect Distance label on Nearby mines
               Folders being created in root of drive C:
               Unhandled errors occurring at log
               Unhandled errors ocurring when using map builder
               Unhandled errors ocurring when using Mine Explorer
               Unhandled errors when upgrading
               User Preference, CD drive letter does not save.