Hi Everyone:

  I just released the latest update to Digital Rockhound’s Companion Version 3.0.

Bug Fixes:
  – Fixed Bug in DRC updater prevented Check for Updates menu option detecting the latested 3.0.1 patch as a new update for DRC 2.0.30 clients

 This update also rolls out DRC 3.0 to anyone using DRC version 2.0 as a free update.

To download this update, please follow these steps:
1) Open DRC 2.0.
2) Click on Help menu and select Download Latest Update.
     Please note, there is an error that will prevent Check for Updates from properly identifying DRC 3.0 update for DRC 2.0.
3) When prompt, click yes to Exit and apply the update.
4) Optional – If no prompt occurs to exit after downloading, exit DRC and browse to your install location for DRC   (ex. C:Program FilesDRC)
locate the DRC_Update.exe.  It will have a file version of 3.0.1.  Double-click on  DRC_Update.exe to run the update.

Or Download DRC_Update.exe
(This update file must copied into your DRC install folder. example path: C:Program FilesDRC.