Hi everyone:

    I just released an update to Digital Rockhound’s companion version 2.0.
    Two items are in this update:
        1) Blogging has been added to DRC 2.0!
        2) Another change to my Updater.  A change from Google caused this one not Microsoft.
             So much for my better mouse trap.  See Update Build 23.
Existing customers will need to manually download this update.  Let’s hope that this is the last manual update for a while. 

Link to the update is here:

Blogging has been added to DRC 2.0!
You can now publish your mineral specimens and your favorite mine to the internet via a Blogger blog.

Why Blogger?  Google has published a fantastic Data API (application Program Interface) allowing accessible to Picasaweb albums and Blogger blogs associated with a Google account. 

You can blog search results
             for mineral specimens,
                 topographic map place name
You can also post data entrys for mines and mineral specimens which can include images.              
Have fun and a look forward to seeing what mineral specimens you have!

Getting Started with Blogger

First, you must create the accounts that DRC 2.0 need to blog with.  These acounts are all free and only take a few minutes to setup each.

1. Google Account – You need to a Google Account.  To create a Google Account you will need a valid email account but it does not need to be a gmail account but there are some advantages to having a Gmail account.

If you already have a Google account you can skip this step.  

   Create a Google Account

2. Blogger Account – Next account you need is a Blogger account.  Since you have created a Google account, all you need to do is to click the sign in first link on create Blogger Account page.   Follow the links to also setup a Blog at Blogger.  To worry account the look and feel of your blog (if you are new to this) since it is relatively easy to change the appearance of the blog even after it has been created.  Part of the magic of a webblog is that the content is not strongly tied to the format of the blog.

If you already have a blogger account you can skip this step.

   Create a Blogger Account

3. Download and install Picasa 3.5.  (You can skip this step if you already have Picasa 3.5 installed.)

    Getting PicasaWeb albums activated is easy, click this link.
    Picasa 3.5 online help can be found here. 
    Please review the Uploading help.

4. Run DRC 2.0 and select Preferences menu and click on DRC Settings.
    Add your Google Account login and password at the bottom of the form and click add.

Full revision history

This update is free to all current users of DRC 2.0.
I have sent email notification to all current users, however if you feel you should get this update and did not receive an email please contact me Gary Kindel.

Gary Kindel