Hi everyone:

I just released an update to Digital Rockhound’s companion version 2.0.

4 Improvements to DRC Data related Bug fix Added Get Latest Update option under Help Menu.
– Added Right-click menu option to Maximize and RestoreSize to forms, so the UI experience is better.
– Fixed bug causing CPU usgae to spike when closing application if form windows are maxizimed.
– Improved the DRC Download latest update process to automatically close DRC and launch the update.
– Added URL link to SkyDrive Folder home of DRC Updates.

Full revision history
This update will be made available through the new integrated update feature (Added in build 2.0.1).

This update is free to all current users of DRC 2.0.

I have sent email notification to all current users, however if you feel you should get this update and did not receive an email please contact me Gary Kindel.

Gary Kindel