Here are a few resources I found trying to find a convenient why to convert Township, Range, section, subsection to Latitude, Longitude.

  • For developers: TRS2LL is a routine to convert legal locations (Township/Range/Section) to the latitude and longitude of the center of the section. Link. Download DLL / or source code here. (this code will only work western United States will not work for Ohio, Florida, or SE USA.

TRS to LL VB6 code sample LL to TRS VB6 Code sample

  • Link – The Township Geocoder tool is a new addition to the Land Survey Information System. The Township Geocoder is a joint effort between the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) to provide township geocoding capabilities to aid fire fighting efforts and the analysis of historical fire data. The National Integrated Fire Center (NIFC) maintains a historical fire database within which fire start locations are contained. Historically, fires were reported in terms of Township, Range and Section. With modern maps and GPS, latitude and longitude values are now typically used to report fire locations.

This is an excellent converter but does not work with FireFox: Converter URL

  • Site discussing the use of Google Earth with BLM Township and Range coordinates