This idea was born from covid quarantine back in January 2022. The goal is to provide a low cost option to automate image capture from c-mount digital camera on a stereo microscope where images can be captured at discrete intervals. These images would be processed to create a focus staged composite image. This idea is still in the prototype stage. There are still a couple more details I need to work out before I can offer it as product for purchase.

Current design:

  • Automate image capture and precise motor control using C# code.
  • Integration with DRC 4.0 allowing DRC to capture the images
  • Control of the motor over a USB connection to a Windows 10 workstation.
  • Control the speed, direction, and step interval of a stepper motor using a Tic 36v4 Stepper controller board (and motor) from
  • Attached stepper motor attached to Lego axle allows the specimen to me moved up or down adjusting the area of a specimen that is within focal area of digital camera attached to the microscope using a c-mount.
  • Specimen stage composed from Legos and is allows very small motion intervals with 27:1 gear ratio.
  • End result: Improve method used to create a focus stacked image of a micro-mount mineral specimen.

My personal microscope setup with DRC 4.0 and this motorized specimen stage.
Stepper controller board connected to Windows 10 workstation using USB 2.0 cable
Stepper motor attached to Lego Axle
Specimen stage constructed from Legos has 27:1 gear ratio and allows for vertical motion of the stage
Focus staged composite image created using this specimen stage to capture the individual images. (Stacked using Helicon Focus 8.1 software)