Hi Everyone:
It has been awhile since I’ve blogged or released new software but that is about to change.  October 2019, I will be releasing DRC 4.0 which is a complete rewrite of my Digital Rockhound’s companion software as a new C# WPF application.  I’ve replaced the database engine with sqlite.
I hope in 2020-21, I will have a release based on DRC 4.0.
This got me thinking this morning about the timelines of my previous releases.
Release history of Digital Rockhound’s companion:
  • DRC 1.0  1996-2008: MS Access 97 + application 
  • DRC 2.0  2008-2012: VB6 rewrite, MS Access database, crystal reports
  • DRC 3.0 2012-2019 : C# rewrite, winforms, MS Access database, eliminated crystal reports, SharpMap GIS
  • DRC 4.0 2019: C# WPF rewrite.  Sqlite database, client-side sql reports Mapsui GIS
Gary Kindel