Here is a very nice location in Eastern Pennsylvania that is may still accessible. I visited this location about 10 years ago. At the time the owner was allowing collectors. Good material good still be found. Beraunite very nice found in phosphate-rich nodules/concretions.

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Data exported from DRC 2.0 (c) 2009 Gary Kindel
City: Hellertown Mine ID: 167624
County Northampton Seq Nbr: 0420950069
State PENNSYLVANIA Latitude 40.561389
Country USA Longitude -75.334722
Alternate Mine Names
Bachman Iron Mine
Topographic Map
Map Name Map Scale 250′ Quad Map
Map Coordinates
Meridian Township Range Section Sub Section
Zone Hemisphere Northing Easting
18 N 4489911 471662
Geology and Ore Deposit Information
Deposit Model Deposit Type Deposit Size Deposit Age Deposit Form
Deposit Desc:
Local Structure
Non-Ore Minerals
Ore Minerals
Mineral Occurrences
Mineral Species Variety Strunz Frequency
BERAUNITE Not Specified 7/D.11-70 Reported
CACOXENITE Not Specified 7/D.11-50 Reported
CRYPTOMELANE Not Specified 4/D.08-20 Reported
FLUORITE Not Specified 3/A.08-10 Reported
GOETHITE Not Specified 4/F.06-30 Reported
HEMATITE Not Specified 4/C.04-20 Inferred
MAGNETITE Not Specified 4/B.02-20 Inferred
MATULAITE Not Specified 7/D.50-10 Reported
ROCKBRIDGEITE Not Specified 7/B.10-10 Reported
TURQUOISE Not Specified Reported
WAVELLITE Not Specified 7/D.13-10 Reported