2nd trip to Fossil Collecting at Lodi Community Park

Link to our first trip of Lodi Park
Link to our third trip to Lodi Park

Just got back from our first fossil collecting trip of 2010. It’s a warm 75’F on April 3 here in NE Ohio! Beautiful but cloudy day. Today we took a return trip to Lodi Community Park to hunt for Fossils.

Directions from Akron Ohio:

1)Take I-76 W/US-224 W toward Lodi Continue to follow US-224 W ~25 mi
2) Take the US-42/OH-421 ramp to Lodi/Medina 0.1 mi
3) Sharp left at Lafayette Rd/OH-421/US-42 Continue to follow OH-421 1.4 mi
4) Turn right at Elyria St/OH-83 0.2 mi

Today, we had two goals:
1) The kids wanted to find crayfish

2) Joanne and I wanted to find a trilobite.

Found a nice bivalve shell too.

We found the trilobites at the north end of the park across the river slightly upstream from a white utility shed at the park. The trilobites were found a cut bank. The rocks were a heavily oxided limestone layer very rust brown in color. Fresh limestone is dark maroon colored. (See shell fossil above).

This site does not disappoint. 2 hrs of collecting and we scored two nice trilobite tails.

We’ll be returning later in late spring or early summer when its swimming weather.
Gary and Joanne Kindel

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  1. Unknown

    I found a really worn but complete A.Lodiensis Trilobite there.

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