Link to our first trip of Lodi Park
Link to our third trip to Lodi Park

Just got back from our first fossil collecting trip of 2010. It’s a warm 75’F on April 3 here in NE Ohio! Beautiful but cloudy day. Today we took a return trip to Lodi Community Park to hunt for Fossils.

Directions from Akron Ohio:

1)Take I-76 W/US-224 W toward Lodi Continue to follow US-224 W ~25 mi
2) Take the US-42/OH-421 ramp to Lodi/Medina 0.1 mi
3) Sharp left at Lafayette Rd/OH-421/US-42 Continue to follow OH-421 1.4 mi
4) Turn right at Elyria St/OH-83 0.2 mi

Today, we had two goals:
1) The kids wanted to find crayfish

2) Joanne and I wanted to find a trilobite.

Found a nice bivalve shell too.

We found the trilobites at the north end of the park across the river slightly upstream from a white utility shed at the park. The trilobites were found a cut bank. The rocks were a heavily oxided limestone layer very rust brown in color. Fresh limestone is dark maroon colored. (See shell fossil above).

This site does not disappoint. 2 hrs of collecting and we scored two nice trilobite tails.

We’ll be returning later in late spring or early summer when its swimming weather.
Gary and Joanne Kindel