For those interested, here is my ongoing process to refine my microphotography technique using my software controlled motorized lego stage that I am using with my $300 amscope stereo microscope and a $70 used amscope digital camera (from ebay).
Another motorized image capture experiment.
All four images were captured at 1.6 mm FOV.
I did use different capture rate for each image. With the stepper motor controller, number of steps per move (which raises the microscope stand very slightly (27:1 gear ratio) before I have the camera capture an image. I focus the specimen along one edge which allows the raising of the specimen to have the in-focus portion of the field of view to slowly progress across the specimen.
A simple button click start begins the process and another button click stops it.
I post-processed each image set the same using Helicon- Focus to stack images and Affinity Photo to apply identical filters to: adjust brightness, color saturation, and sharpen.
Brightness: Typically automatic
Color Saturation: I try automatic and confirm the colors match what my poor eyes see through the piece.
Sharpen: When the rendered image is of high quality, sharpen will make little to no difference.
#1 1/4 step turn per image
#2 1/2 step turn per image
#3 1 step turn per image
#4 2 step turns per image
Conclusion: images #1-#3 are similar, I think #2 is best. Image #4 is by far the worst detail quality.

0.25 step per image – Stacked from 325 images
0.5 step per image – Stacked from 145 images
1 step per image – Stacked from 85 images
2 steps per image – Stacked from 73 images