I’m not sure if anyone will be interested in how I am providing updates for DRC but I wanted to share my experience. Today, I have switched the hosting site for my DRC updates from https://skydrive.live.com to www.dropbox.com.  You will not notice any change in the automatic update process.

I really like Skydrive.  Microsoft gives you 25 GB of disk space for free and you can share files. However, Microsoft continues to make it difficult to share direct file links.  You can only share link to the folder where a file is located and then load the folder URL in a browser and then you can parse out the file link from the rendered page.  This is a complicated process but it works.  Until this week…  This week, Microsoft eliminated the use of Silverlight from Skydrive and is now using HTML 5.0.  Kudos to Microsoft for using the open standard solution but they changed the page template again!  I’m done.  I will continue to share the latest version of DRC update on Skydrive but I am now hosting this updates from DropBox.

On other news, the new version of DRC is almost ready.  DRC 3.0 is about 92% complete and I should have it available in September.  DRC 3.0 will be a free update available to all DRC 2.0 users.  I’ll post more details about DRC 3.0 soon.

Gary Kindel