DRC 3.0 Update – Build 3.009 is Available

Hi Everyone:

  I just released the latest update to Digital Rockhound’s Companion Version 3.0.9

 Small update two small fixes.

   Bug  Fixes

  • Fixed bug in the Storage Manager assigning specimen to a storage location by dragging and dropping
  • Added cataloged column to the stored specimen and find specimen grids

  New Feature:

  • Added image capture button to mineral specimen screen (immediately beneath the front cover image) that will capture image from an active camera or digital microscope. 

  This update also rolls out DRC 3.0 to anyone using DRC version 2.0 as a free update.


  You can download the using DRC 3.0 if you have version 3.0.7 or higher, otherwise, you must download it manually.

  Download DRC_Update.exe

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