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Diamond Willow amethyst mine, Pearl Ontario

Yesterday, my family and I visited the Diamond Willow Amethyst Mine in Pearl Ontario which is about 40 km north of Thunder Bay.  It is one of several mines in the area where you can pay to dig your own amethyst.  At Diamond Willow, you can fill a bucket and pay just $25.00 (June 2019 prices).  You can purchase additional buckets and if you find piece too large for a bucket the staff estimate its value based on percentage of gem material of the rock.

Things to know before you go…

  • The mine  has a Facebook page.  It is being maintained and accurate.  (We visited on July 1st Canada Day and the page indicated that the mine was open.)
  • The mine does allow you to bring in small hammers and chisels (no large slede hammers).I would recommend to do this.  It was relatively easy to rough trim pieces with just a hand sledge and a chisel.  Some of the rocks can be large but are often fractured.
  • You cannot collect in the active mining areas but that is okay.  The staff has freshly mined rock dumped through out the area and some very very nice can be found.
  • Bring hats, gloves, deep woods bug repellent and drinks.  The bugs can be thick.  I saw a couple of people wearing large hats with mosquito nets, very smart.  Gnats, flies, and mosquitoes can be changing during summer months.  It was 86’F / 30’C when I visited in June and very humid.
  • The is located about 4 km in off the main road on unpaved gravel road.  I had no issues driving our Honda mini van in but be aware in heavy rains this road might be difficult to traverse.
  • Being from the states, I brought Canadian currency to the mine to pay for the visit.  We paid ~$200 Can for our haul.   Here in Ontario, places will happily take US currency but at face value no on the fly conversations.  
Enough words how about some images…


Heading to the mine.

Collecting areas in the mine:

Active mining areas 

Our haul:

All in all, we had a great time and collected some awesome amethyst.   Well worth 1000 mile track from Ohio!

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