You are currently viewing Panorama Amethyst Mine, Shuniah Ontario.

Panorama Amethyst Mine, Shuniah Ontario.

Today, we visited our second amethyst mine in the Thunder Bay area: Panorama Amethyst Mine, in nearby Shuniah Ontario.

Web site:

Things to know before you go…

  • As of June 2019, it costs $10.00/person plus you are charged $4.00 /lb for any material you collect.   
  • The staff is very friendly and helpful.  We did get a personal tour of the active mine area by the owner
  • You cannot collect in the active mining areas but that is okay.  The staff has freshly mined rock dumped through out the area and some very very nice can be found. (Turns out this is Canadian law issue about who can and cannot be in an active mine area).
  • Bring hats, gloves, deep woods bug repellent and drinks.  The bugs can be thick.
  • This mine does produce some very dark purple amethyst suitable for lapidary and tumbling as well as nice drusy crystals.
  • The is located about 6 km in off the main road on unpaved gravel road.  There was a steep hill but the mini van made it fine.
  • Mine does accept credit cards.  We used up the last of our cash and had to put a little of the purchase on credit.
Photos:  Road to the mine:

Cool display pieces outside the visitor center:

Collecting area:

Active mine area (tour no collecting)

In closing, well worth the stop.  Very friendly staff and owner, we had a blast collecting and talking with everyone.

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