Steps to capture image from digital microscope using DRC 3.13

1) Plug in Microscope into USB port.  (The led lights turn on.)
2) Run DRC as administrator
3) Select Tools menu, image capture:
Inline image 2
4) Image capture opens with drop-down populated with a list of digital video devices on your computer
Inline image 3
5) Select your microscope:
Inline image 4
6) Camera Tab, tab may turn dark and then display video feed
Inline image 5
7) Click the camera icon and click on the image tab. (this is image capture from the video feed)
Inline image 6
8) To save image, do the following:
Inline image 10 Opens mineral collection form to a specific record.
Inline image 11 – switch over to mineral collection form from image capture form.
Inline image 8 – Saves image to specimen currently displayed in Mineral collection.
Inline image 9 – Saves image as a new specimen entry to mineral collection and then opens mineral collection form.
When an image is saved to a specimen:
Image added as cover image:
Inline image 12
Also added to the images tab for the specimen.
Inline image 13